Tips To create a Engaging Video On YouTube

How to create A Engaging Video On YouTube – Here are the main steps to create a YouTube channel and earn money. Each step is important. If you want to succeed, take each step seriously and spend some time with it. Nothing should be left to chance.

Learn and Understand 

You want to have equipment that is appropriate for making quality movies and montages, to become a YouTube professional. Do not think you could make a living with videos taken with a cell phone or a tablet that is simple computer, unless you’ve got a model.

This is the recommended material for producing YouTube videos worthy of the title:

You’ll also have to educate yourself on how to film and edit movies. Many free training classes exist.

On the flip side, you’ll also need to train at YouTube referencing. There are lots of training classes, some of which are free and are available online. It is also possible to self-educate yourself by guides that are specialized or books.

Choose The Most Suitable theme of Video

This is a vital stage, which will determine your ability to make money. The Subject of Your station should be selected with great care:

  1. First, know that you need to have all rights to your own videos: in short, it’s possible to just show what you have or create yourself. It’s not allowed to produce videos of applications, a digital game, or cars belonging to men and women.
  2. Your motif shouldn’t be overly general: instead specialize in a market to make certain to break through. Example of themes which are too wide and too aggressive: the new iPhone, Mine Craft…
  3. your theme ought to be trendy, stylish. Create a true identity, which you won’t find anywhere else.
    The most promising topics are the fun, surprising, remarkable and loyal themes.
  4. A few examples of promising topics: online training (classes, technical learning, languages, etc.), tutorials, private performances (sport, comedy, editorials, music, body art), amazing experiences, creatures with specificity, style, product evaluations…

Testing Is Always Good

Produce a first video and test it with those around you. Take a step back on your achievement. Try again, then another.

Make a Plan of Producing Videos

Plan your collection. For each, define a work plan, a situation orBy producing 5 or 4 videos You Will broadcast 13, get (two on the first day then one daily for example). The following videos Once a week, may be generated and broadcast for example.

Spread Your Videos

Your videos to the maximum on networks accounts. Invite your friends to subscribe to your station. Inform those around you. Attempt to produce a maximum of back-links (hyperlinks to your station )

Produce, analyze, redirect.

Persevere in producing content. Listen to comments and attendance statistics. Reorient your positioning in terms of content: specialize in the subjects that attract the most visitors.Do not be discouraged. The more content you post, the more your traffic will increase.

Engage monetization as soon as your channel exceeds 10,000 views in total.

The monetization stage

Create a YouTube channel and earn money: here we are! Your channel is ready to generate income because its attendance is sufficient.

How to Activate YouTube monetization

To enable monetization of your videos, click

Note that your channel must reach 10,000 views in public mode to be examined by YouTube and thus join the “Partner Program”.

You will need to sign a Contract, create a Google Ad sense account to collect your income (see below), choose your monetization preferences (location of ads), and wait for acceptance of YouTube.

How to Get the money from your YouTube channel

To have the ability to collect the money generated from the YouTube station, you’ll need to link it with a Google Ad sense accounts ( Google’s advertising partnership system), itself connected with a bank or Paypal account. You’ll also have to make a business, it’s compulsory even if your income is reduced (see below).

How many views to earn money on YouTube?

How much is the remuneration on YouTube? The calculation depends on many parameters (duration, theme, Content of the video, etc.). The remuneration is estimated to be around $ 1 per 1000 views (or even less) , i.e. $ 1000 for 1 million views. In reality, your remuneration may Vary between $200 and $3000 per million views.

What to do If My Ad sense Account Not Approved

The YouTube advertising system (Google Ad sense) is not the only way to make money with YouTube. Alternatives exist:

  • redirecting visitor flows to paid solutions (online store),
  • the call for donations,
  • paid content,
  • product placement: you show commercial products in your videos and receive remuneration for this (contract to be established with partner companies),
  • production and sale of videos on behalf of client companies,
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