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Technology and Impact on your health

The increasingly widespread use of new technologies isn’t without having an effect on health, mainly when there is abuse. Thumb pain linked to texting, through sleep disorders to dependence, here are a few”technology diseases” and suggestions to avoid them.

How The Technology Is Affecting

– The stress

– Approaches to combat stress

– Tiredness

– Approaches to combat fatigue

– The different types of health

– Conclusion

– Solution to combat Issues

– Sources and references

There are

1. Recognition which may translate into realizing somebody for what he is and what he’s worth.

2. Communication which can result in transmitting information and received ideas which means being connected to other people. It is therefore to be and act in the same time.

3. Investing in motivation which could translate into involvement and satisfaction when doing your job.

4. Goals and projects that can be translated as the moment when we acted. This means that we go from the idea of ​​the job.

5. The demotivation which can translate as the drop of in simply if one doesn’t wish to work or the job mode.

6. Remotivation which can be translated as motivating lost the urge to work.

7. The performance, the implication which may translate as the fact of doing one’s job well and being satisfied to inspire oneself thereafter by results and the satisfaction.

Employee health is a very important thing for a business. They will have a motivation which is more beneficial to the business because the business does not advance, if the employees are in good health.

Anxiety is one of the causes of employee demotivation in a firm. As for instance in the company:”France Telecom in 2008 which had experienced a lot of stress which generated a powerful wave of suicide within the employees of the company”.

TechDisease Which May Happens

There is A position that is lousy the trigger. When the issue is related to the usage of a computer, it has to be ensured that the workplace things (seat, keyboard, screen) are placed to prevent prolonged strain on your joints and muscles. We suggest taking the chance to do some and taking breaks.

To stop”texting inches”, failing to stop texting entirely, it’s ideal to slow down the speed by writing more gradually and try to change the palms used for texting (such as alternating between thumbs and index fingers ).

Sleeping Disorder

Using smartphone or your tablet is an increasingly common cause of sleep disorders. Using technology at bedtime is problematic for many reasons. The stimulation prevents the mind. The light prevents the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that plays an integral role in sleep. Finally, sleeping is often postponed by using technologies. By going to bed later, the body will readjust its internal clock to that after bedtime and it’ll become increasingly hard to come back to its”normal” bedtime.

First rule, leave the technology away from the bedroom (such as the TV)! Begin a routine an hour before listening to music, reading, or going to sleep, cease all action that is stimulating, and do actions or shower. Dim the light in the bedroom and close it. Individuals who”persist” in waiting for sleep are more likely to create lasting sleep issues.

Artificial vision syndrome

Vision syndrome is common in people who view for hours in displays, particularly those on tablet computer or a computer. It is blurred vision, shoulder or neck pain, or dry eyes. Sometimes other things aggravate the symptoms, such as vision issues not (or poorly ) adjusted by corrective lenses, poor lighting or issues with postures.

To prevent eye strain, be certain the light doesn’t cause reflections and the room where you’re currently taking a look at the display is lit. Rest your eyes frequently with the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes or so, move your gaze to an object that’s at least 20 ft (7m) off for at least 20 minutes.

You may use artificial tears if eyes are bothersome. Consult with your pharmacist. If you wear corrective lenses, have.

Nomo phobia

Nomo phobia is described as a condition of craving which manifests itself if a person doesn’t have access to his cell phone. For many people it can cause a significant anxiety attack, although for the majority of us, forgetting our house phone will have no consequences besides a sense of frustration. In this case, the individual should consider discussing it since it’s possible that they’re currently suffering.

Internet Addiction

We’re discussing behavior that is strange here wasting a couple of hours browsing the internet or playing with League of Legends! For the individual to be announced”dependent”, their use of the media have to be so significant that it has an effect on their everyday life. Addiction is rare, but it requires management as it underlies problems like anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem.


The human body is a machine that does its job the majority of the time. On the other hand, a round turns and manifests it. Typically, these symptoms are mild and go away by themselves. But access to tens of thousands if not millions of pages of health information (not always written by professionals) can quickly take you into a spiral that will make you think that your headache isn’t just brought on by fatigue, but you need to have a brain tumor! , That is to say the propensity to believe that any symptom cannot be mild, but is a symptom of a serious illness. The best way it is about talking regarding your symptoms, to a health care professional, such as your pharmacist, as opposed to searching the Internet. Your pharmacist can help you determine whether a physician’s visit is essential or not and is easy to get.

They’re not harmless, although new technologies have revolutionized our lives. If you or someone near you has an unhealthy relationship with your devices, it may be time to talk over it with somebody

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